Spring Semester Roundup

With apologies for the protracted radio silence, we offer this roundup of important events and developments from the Spring 2013 semester:




2012-13 saw the launch of SUNY Geneseo’s student-run online literary journal Gandy Dancer. Prof. Rachel Hall serves as faculty adviser to the journal, which invites submissions from across SUNY and is published twice yearly.

2012-13 Department Award Winners

Graduating Senior Awards

  • William T. Beauchamp Literature Award: Cailin Kowalewski and Yael Massen
  • Patricia Conrad Lindsay Memorial Award: Tim Caughlin and Pam Howe
  • Calvin Israel Award in the Humanities: Logan Mahlum
  • Joseph M. OBrien Memorial Award: Megan Cicolello
  • Rosalind R. Fisher Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Teaching in English: Marissa Liberati


  • Natalie Selser Freed Memorial Scholarship: Christine O’Neill and Ava Russell
  • Rita K. Gollin Senior Year Scholarship for Excellence in American Literature: Eve Anderson
  • Rita K. Gollin Junior Year Scholarship for Excellence in American Literature: Rebecca Miller
  • Hans Gottschalk Award: Sean Neill
  • Joseph M. OBrien Transfer Scholarship: Erica George
  • Don Watt Memorial Scholarship: Bibi Lewis and James Ryan

Writing Awards

African American Studies
  • 1st: Connor Burgevin
  • 2nd: Briana Onishea
  • 3rd: Gregory Palermo
Critical Essay
  • 1st Matthew Cordella
  • 2nd Co-winners Meghan Kearns and Gregory Palermo
  • 3rd Sean Fischer
Freshman Writing
  • Kathleen Trabert
Creative Non-Fiction
  • 1st: Alexa Burkett
  • 2nd: Megan Ross
  • 3rd: Pam Howe
  • Jennie Conway
  • 1st: Suraj Uttamchandani
  • 2nd: Pam Howe
  • 3rd: James Ryan
  • 1st: Yael Massen
  • 2nd: Daniel OBrien
  • 3rd: Bibi Lewis
  • Honorable Mention: Alexa Burkett and Emily Webb

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